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Greetings April 7, 2011

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I have been a long time reader of blogs and decided I wanted to contribute my own experiences to the blog world (no matter how incidental they may seem, especially to me). I am hoping to use this as a place to document some small parts of my life and to organize my goals (like in a 30 for 30 post). I will most likely be posting on a variety of subjects (my inspirations, cooking, diy and craft projects, etc.) until I can find my true blogging voice. I hope you will bear with me while I work this out. I figured the best way to learn (at least in my experience) is to just jump right in, so here we go.

This is me (minus the glasses)

I live in Boston, MA and work at one of the more well known colleges in the area as an Instructional Technologist. I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Visual Arts and hope to finish by 2013, but it might be more like 2014 at the rate at which my thesis is progressing (aka I haven’t even started the proposal yet). I live with my boyfriend Scott.  We are both huge Red Sox fans, much to my disappointment right now as they are starting the 2011 season 0-5). We have two cats, Lilo, a domestic shorthair who likes to knock things over, and Pesky, a Napolean cat who is super loveable and by far our best behaved pet.



Pesky with her littlelegs

And, just for fun, one of them shortly after Pesky first came to live with us:

Pesky did (and does) adore Lilo. The feeling is not mutual.
This is also at our old apartment where we had slightly more room.

As if the two cats weren’t enough for our small, two room plus galley kitchen apartment, we got a bulldog puppy on April 25, 2010 (almost a year of having him- how time flies). We named him Youk, after Kevin Youkilis one of our favorite current red sox players (and also because he was the player who most reminded us of a bulldog – in a good way!)

(Source) The most original batting stance in baseball

When we first got Youk, he was a tiny, adorable puppy weighing 13 lbs.

What a cute little guy

Now, he is a huge bulldog who (according to our best guesses) weighs in at close to 60 lbs.

All grown up

It’s a good thing he is cute because he sure is trouble. He is super friendly though and loves to meet new people and take trips.

Am I in trouble again?

That pretty much sums up my introduction. Crazy pet lady who lives in tiny apartment with Scott in Boston, works at a college and is going to school for Masters degree. Maybe this post could have been a lot shorter if I had just put in that sentence. Oh well.

And, a question for you:
How did you first come to blogging?


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