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Why I chose to master in Visual Arts despite the fact I have 0 artistic skills April 13, 2011

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I originally intended on earning my Masters in Information Technology with a focus on Digital Media Arts and Instructional Design. I switched to Visual Arts when that concentration was offered for a few reasons. One, most of the courses I had taken to that point would transfer over to this new concentration. Secondly, I had to write a thesis for both Masters programs, and didn’t want the first work of academic writing I had done since Undergrad to be my Thesis. The Visual Arts major allowed (and, in fact, required) me to take many more writing classes which allowed me to re-immerse myself in the world of academic writing. Lastly, and most painfully for me, the Information Technology degree required me to take an advanced programming class that I just could not grasp. Of course, now the requirements have changed and, admittedly, the Information Technology concentration appeals much more to me. However, I have already been accepted as a degree candidate in the Visual Arts program and, as I am only two classes (and that measly thesis- no biggie) away from completing that program, I will stay in it. I could, of course, complete a secondary masters degree (and I might) after I finish this one, but I am trying to get through this first (without thinking too far into the future instead of focusing on the present).

I am currently taking a class entitled “Book Art.” So far, it has been a lot of fun learning different ways to create and bind books and really exploring different ways to interpret books and create art from them. I am constantly in awe of my classmates who are vastly more creative and artistic than me. I decided to take this class as my last course in my field of concentration (though I am taking another course this summer that would also qualify for this- more on that in a later post). This is one of the few courses I will take for my degree that does not require writing and I am enjoying that break. That is not to say that this class is not a lot of work, because it is, just a different kind (and one that can be worked on while watching movies on TV which is way more fun that being secluded in quite areas to write papers).

I am at the early stages of working on my final project for this class (having just completed my final project proposal meeting with my professor last night). I will be sure to post as I am completing steps of this project as I plan to use this blog as a place to organize my ideas.

For my project,  I am developing ideas of how to  incorporate my recent trip to Prague into a book. I believe I will use a tunnel book but I haven’t decided which or how exactly I want to showcase images. I am going to try for a visual representation of my impressions of Prague. I am also thinking of including a small pamphlet book as a sort of journal/scrapbook hybrid that will allow me to present a more personal version of my experience and perhaps serve as a way to include some of the random items I picked up in Prague. I believe both books would be bound together in a binding made of covered book board and tied with ribbon. I will keep you posted on my progress. Feedback is, of course, appreciated.

Did you have to revise your academic or professional goals?


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