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Inspiration for Craft Corner April 14, 2011

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As I mentioned on my 30-for-30 post, one of my goals is to create storage and organization for all of my crafting supplies (sewing, embroidery, scrapbook and card making supplies mostly). It is hard enough to be creative, let alone when you are completely overwhelmed with the prospect of even finding all your supplies- let alone actually working on a project. Currently, my crafting supplies live in a 3 drawer rolly cart (without the wheels, and yes, that is the technical term) in my closet, some supplies (like my Cricut and some scrapbook supplies) live in Scott’s closet while still others reside in a basket on the top shelf of my closet or in various other places in our small bedroom. While I realize that we live in a small apartment where space is at a premium, I also think that there is usable space to convert to a storage area, as long as I make sure to consider Youk proof containers for areas he can reach as he is quite destructive. I hope then when the process of getting my crafting supplies isn’t so tedious, I might be able to work on them more as it is a hobby that I love, and yet hardly ever do because of the huge amount of time I have to invest to gather and put away the materials. Without further ado, here are some inspiration pics for my little craft corner:
Maybe I could find a bookcase and organize my crafts in that, as shown here:

Oh so pretty from Apartment Therapy

This at least seems feasible in my small space and, with the right boxes and dividers, could work out quite well for arranging my various supplies. The area I have to work with is narrow, but the ceilings are quite high so I could use a tall thin bookcase like this.

I love this idea of having hanging jars with smaller bits of crafting supplies (scrapbook embellishments come to mind)

From Country Living

I could do some of these under one of the bookshelves.

This is super cute too:


I love the dowel to hold the spools of ribbon! This could be helpful not only for my crafting supplies but also for my obsession with gift ribbon as well. I so love ribbon!

I love this too, and would love to have an actual surface to work on:


I love the bulletin board for ideas and, now that I look at it, the standing spool for ribbons is pretty neat too and may be more practical in my situation.

I also LOVE this peg board idea:

Genius! (Source)

It not only uses vertical space- Yay!- but also would keep things out of lovely little Youkie’s reach! Big win all around. Hmm, maybe this would work for my jewelry organization too . . . .

Lots of things to start thinking about! Plus, craft organization always seems so bright and cheerful. Makes me so happy just looking at pictures of organized crafts. Is that weird?

What is your favorite inspiration for organization?


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