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The Best Parts of Working Alone April 20, 2011

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Today, I am working in the office entirely by myself. My colleague is off and the “student workers” are not in until 1 or so today.

Besides the fact that I continually have to walk out in the other room to turn the motion sensor lights back on, it has been an awesome day. I have just enough work to not be bored, but nothing that is super demanding so no need to be stressed about it. I have been loving sitting in my office, drinking my Dunkin Donuts that I allowed myself as a treat today and listening to my Pandora work mix, something I love but rarely get to do in fear that I will annoy the other people who work around me. I have been loving listening to all the new music, my favorite new “discovery” is Greg Laswell:

Sometimes it is just so nice to be alone and doing your own thing.

What is the best new music you have discovered lately?


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