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Celebrating 4 years May 25, 2011

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Today, Scott and I celebrate our four year dating anniversary.

March 2009 at Scott's friends' wedding in NY

It was 4 years ago today that I met Scott at what has become “our bar”- Beer Works at Fenway.




Prague Vacation Remembered: Part 1 May 19, 2011

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In March, Scott and I went on a vacation to Prague. This was a dream of ours and a shared goal from when we started dating nearly 4 years ago (it will be 4 years next Wednesday, May 25th!) We began saving for this trip in 2008. Then there was a wedding in San Diego in the Summer of 2009, so the Prague money went to pay for that trip. After that, we moved in December of 2009, wiping out our “apartment fund” and the rest of the “vacation fund.” We started saving again, and finally were able to go this past March. It was an incredible trip.



Commercials that make me cry May 10, 2011

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The new Google Chrome commercials are great, and they make me cry.

This one especially:

Although this one make me tear up too:

(and yes, I may have teared up while re-watching these)

Do you have any emotional connections to commercials?


Powerful Video May 6, 2011

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Loved this