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Prague Vacation Remembered: Part 1 May 19, 2011

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In March, Scott and I went on a vacation to Prague. This was a dream of ours and a shared goal from when we started dating nearly 4 years ago (it will be 4 years next Wednesday, May 25th!) We began saving for this trip in 2008. Then there was a wedding in San Diego in the Summer of 2009, so the Prague money went to pay for that trip. After that, we moved in December of 2009, wiping out our “apartment fund” and the rest of the “vacation fund.” We started saving again, and finally were able to go this past March. It was an incredible trip.

For my final project in my book art class, I wanted to incorporate my trip somehow. I developed a book with both a tunnel book structure showcasing some of the incredible architecture of Prague and also created a set of vintage postcards that are housed in a pocket on the inside cover of the book. In this series of posts, I will show you my statement, the postcards I created, and the final product.

First up, this is my artist’s statement describing my finished work:

In March, my boyfriend Scott and I were able to realize our shared goal of visiting Prague after years of planning and saving. This book is a representation of my memories of this trip. The first part is a tunnel book structure showcasing some of my favorite views and architecture of the city. Prague has a truly “old world” and timeless charm, so I tried to represent that by using photo effects to make the images I took seem more vintage. To add to this effect, I had the images printed on mesa white cardstock to add even more “imperfections” to the images. I wanted to show that there are so many beautiful buildings in Prague located fairly close together that it can sometimes be difficult to grasp every detail. I think that this vignette showcases that feeling and gives me a good “3-D” representation of my memories of the buildings. Opposite the tunnel book, there is a small pocket containing 20 post cards of my impressions from my trip. These were also given a vintage effect as my memories are already fading and giving me a nostalgic look at the trip. I “wrote” on the back of each card, noting my memories, feelings at the time or some facts that I remembered. I wanted it to be a capture of my thoughts upon seeing the images so wrote the cards quickly, as if it were an actual postcard or entry into a travel journal. I had thought about binding them in some way, but decided that it would be better to leave them unbound. This allows one to flip them around easily to read the text on the back, and also prevents them from being looked at in a certain order. This, I think, is important, because my memories of the trip are random. It is nice to be able to pick up an arbitrary card and relive my memories without any kind of pre-determined order to it. It also gives those who view the cards a “snapshot” look at a part of my Prague Vacation.

Here’s a preview of the next post in this series concerning the postcards:

Have you used any of your travels as inspiration for a new project?


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