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Creative Crafting with Friends June 1, 2011

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One of my friends is getting married in September of this year. This past Memorial Day weekend, all the “college friends” got together to help her cross some items of her DIY list for her wedding.

Bride to be demonstrating some of the materials we will use

Of course, we enjoyed this activity with some “adult beverages” and the bride’s sister and maid of honor was kind enough to host us all at her house and even had grilled chicken sandwiches for us- yum!

Crafing away

It was a great way to spend some time together (something we do all too rarely it seems) and it was great to get everyone psyched up for the amazingness of our friend’s wedding in just a few short months!

Letters for banners

More letters and masks (every wedding needs masks!)

Photobooth Props

Another view of Photobooth props

Do you have any events with specific groups of friends that are both productive and bonding experiences?


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