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Stormy Thursday June 9, 2011

Filed under: My Life — Breen @ 1:45 pm

The weather here in Boston has been so nice for the past few days but now it is storming. Poor Youk had a hard time with the heat yesterday and the thunder today, he is NOT a fan of summer!

I feel like the weather has been affecting my moods a lot lately. When it was hot out, I was feeling lazy and unproductive, especially at work where I have a lot less to do right now since it is that magical in between time before semesters. Today I am feeling kind of blah- I think it is because of the weather as well. Plus I work in a basement where things are always the same so maybe I feel like I am missing out on some of the views of the world- even if it is just a little piece outside of a window.

At least the Bruins won last night though so that series seems to be taking a turn (hopefully). It would be great to see the Stanley Cup come back to Boston after 42 years. I wonder what crazy hi-jinx the Bruins players would do with their day with the Cup. There’s a great feature on on some of the wilder things the cup has seen. My favorite two are the cup as a planter and the cup being used to baptize Sylvain Lefebvre’s child.

What’s your favorite story of the Stanley Cup?


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