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Tourists in our own neighborhood June 13, 2011

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Despite the fact that we live less than a 20 minute walk away from both the MFA and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum we had yet to visit either of them since moving to our apartment in the winter of 2009. I had been to the Gardner Museum once in college on a “field trip” for my Art History class and had loved it then and wanted to share the experience with Scott.

We got the motivation we needed in the form of a Groupon for 2 adult tickets with a “postcard package” for $15. Yesterday was a rather dismal day so after our run and an episode of Flight of the Conchords watched while we ate lunch, we decided to mosey on over to the museum.

It was even more incredible than I remembered. My favorite is still the courtyard.


Scott noted that it was like stepping out of Boston and into Europe, and I couldn’t agree more. The museum definitely has a more “European” feel to it. The most amazing part, to me, is that this is the collection of one woman who decided to make it public after her death in 1924. The museum is kept largely as she had it with her display choices kept intact. While it was beautiful even on the dark and dreary day we had yesterday, I want to go back again when it is a little nicer/sunnier out. Many of the rooms depend on the natural light and I think a brighter day would lend a different feel to the space than what we experienced yesterday. Overall though, I highly recommend a trip to this small museum if you find yourself in the Boston area- it is totally worth it!

The Dutch Room- one of Scott’s favorites

The Blue Room

The Titian Room

The Long Gallery

Every room has a distinctly different feel from any of the others. While we were unable to see some of the exhibits as the museum is going through some renovation projects, the rooms and exhibits we saw were amazing. We are definitely planning on coming back in 2012 once the new wing has been completed and more improvements have been made. We were also excited to hear about the Music at the Gardner events and hopefully will attend one of those in the near future as well.

Have you “played tourist” in your own neighborhood?


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