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30 for 30 April 20, 2011

Here is my  30 for 30 list.  I will cross off items as they are completed.  For more details, and more links involving these goals, please see my 30 for 30 post, which will be updated with more information as I complete these goals.

Personal Health and Development

1. Run a 5k Race
2. Run a 5 Mile Race
3. Loose 10 lbs [0/10]


4. Learn how to cook fish (excluding shellfish) at least 5 different ways [5/5]
5. Learn how to cook at least 10 different vegetable side dishes and include them in weekly meals [10/10]


6. Write and Submit 1st draft of Thesis proposal
7. Finish all classes for Master’s degree


8. Be debt free except for Student Loan
9. Contribute 3% of salary to house fund


10. Take Planned trip to London/Stonehenge
11. Take a road trip

Develop Hobbies

12. Finish Quilt
13. Learn to embroider (besides cross stitch)
14. Complete a set of embroidered napkins
15. Take a photography class
16. Learn to shoot in manual mode on DSLR
17. Create a Prague shutterfly book
18. Create Scrapbooks of 2008-2011 [0/4]
19. Print out pictures for collage photo frame and hang frame
20. Learn how to use Adobe CS5 creative suite and create projects in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator


21. Organize craft supplies
22. Create a storage area and/or shelving for craft supplies
23. De-clutter 30 items from apartment (excluding clothes donations) [1/30]

Cultural Development

24. Go to 5 cultural events or places (excluding theater) [2/5]
25. See a Boston Ballet production
26. See a non-musical play
27. Spend a weekend (or night) in NYC and see a Broadway Play
28. Start to learn a foreign language (French or Spanish?)
29. Watch 5 films from AMC 100 Greatest Films (updated 2007 list) that I have never seen before [0/5]
30. Read 5 novels from Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels list that I haven’t read before (can be from Readers or Board’s list) [0/5]


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