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Prague Vacation Remembered: Part 1 May 19, 2011

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In March, Scott and I went on a vacation to Prague. This was a dream of ours and a shared goal from when we started dating nearly 4 years ago (it will be 4 years next Wednesday, May 25th!) We began saving for this trip in 2008. Then there was a wedding in San Diego in the Summer of 2009, so the Prague money went to pay for that trip. After that, we moved in December of 2009, wiping out our “apartment fund” and the rest of the “vacation fund.” We started saving again, and finally were able to go this past March. It was an incredible trip.



Commercials that make me cry May 10, 2011

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The new Google Chrome commercials are great, and they make me cry.

This one especially:

Although this one make me tear up too:

(and yes, I may have teared up while re-watching these)

Do you have any emotional connections to commercials?


Powerful Video May 6, 2011

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Loved this


Thoughts out to Scott April 27, 2011

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Scott’s father is having triple bypass surgery today. My thoughts are with him and his family in this difficult time.

Scott has been spending most weekends with his family for the past month- I miss him, of course, but am so glad he has been doing this. I cannot go because someone has to watch Youk (who does not get along well with other dogs there).

I am currently waiting for a phone call from Scott, which makes me nervous. I still have not heard from him.

This is why my blogging has slacked off lately.

Thoughts again to Scott and his family (especially his dad) today.

I will post with updates as I get them.

UPDATE: Just got word from Scott that his father’s surgery went well. Such good news!


Something New Saturday April 23, 2011

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New Favorite video/song:



What’s For Dinner: Salmon in a Pouch April 22, 2011

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As promised in yesterday’s post, here is my recipe for Salmon in a Pouch (also contributes to my 30 for 30 list goals). Just for reference, here’s the complete meal again.

Trust me, there’s salmon under all that lemon and veggies

Complete recipe follows.



Cheesy Zucchini with Shallots Garlic and Herbs April 21, 2011

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Last night, I added another vegetable recipe to my repertoire, slowly adding to my 30 for 30 list goal of acquiring 10 different recipes I can “go to” for sides for dinner. I cooked up some summer squash and zucchini and it was fast, easy and delicious!

Complete Recipe follows.



The Best Parts of Working Alone April 20, 2011

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Today, I am working in the office entirely by myself. My colleague is off and the “student workers” are not in until 1 or so today.

Besides the fact that I continually have to walk out in the other room to turn the motion sensor lights back on, it has been an awesome day. I have just enough work to not be bored, but nothing that is super demanding so no need to be stressed about it. I have been loving sitting in my office, drinking my Dunkin Donuts that I allowed myself as a treat today and listening to my Pandora work mix, something I love but rarely get to do in fear that I will annoy the other people who work around me. I have been loving listening to all the new music, my favorite new “discovery” is Greg Laswell:



Inspiration for Craft Corner April 14, 2011

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As I mentioned on my 30-for-30 post, one of my goals is to create storage and organization for all of my crafting supplies (sewing, embroidery, scrapbook and card making supplies mostly). It is hard enough to be creative, let alone when you are completely overwhelmed with the prospect of even finding all your supplies- let alone actually working on a project. Currently, my crafting supplies live in a 3 drawer rolly cart (without the wheels, and yes, that is the technical term) in my closet, some supplies (like my Cricut and some scrapbook supplies) live in Scott’s closet while still others reside in a basket on the top shelf of my closet or in various other places in our small bedroom. While I realize that we live in a small apartment where space is at a premium, I also think that there is usable space to convert to a storage area, as long as I make sure to consider Youk proof containers for areas he can reach as he is quite destructive. I hope then when the process of getting my crafting supplies isn’t so tedious, I might be able to work on them more as it is a hobby that I love, and yet hardly ever do because of the huge amount of time I have to invest to gather and put away the materials. Without further ado, here are some inspiration pics for my little craft corner:


Why I chose to master in Visual Arts despite the fact I have 0 artistic skills April 13, 2011

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I originally intended on earning my Masters in Information Technology with a focus on Digital Media Arts and Instructional Design. I switched to Visual Arts when that concentration was offered for a few reasons. One, most of the courses I had taken to that point would transfer over to this new concentration. Secondly, I had to write a thesis for both Masters programs, and didn’t want the first work of academic writing I had done since Undergrad to be my Thesis. The Visual Arts major allowed (and, in fact, required) me to take many more writing classes which allowed me to re-immerse myself in the world of academic writing. Lastly, and most painfully for me, the Information Technology degree required me to take an advanced programming class that I just could not grasp. Of course, now the requirements have changed and, admittedly, the Information Technology concentration appeals much more to me. However, I have already been accepted as a degree candidate in the Visual Arts program and, as I am only two classes (and that measly thesis- no biggie) away from completing that program, I will stay in it. I could, of course, complete a secondary masters degree (and I might) after I finish this one, but I am trying to get through this first (without thinking too far into the future instead of focusing on the present).